5 Tips On How To Survive The Doctor When Pregnant

Going to the gynecologist for your checkup is definitely important and it can sometimes be uncomfortable when you have to answer personal questions as well as have someone dig all up in your hooha, vajayjay, whatever you call it.  However, when you are pregnant it is imperative that you go to see about your health and your unborn child’s.  You will have to go to the doctor many times before the birth of your baby, therefore I will be providing tips on what to expect and how to deal with going to the doctor while pregnant.


#1 – If you already have an ob-gyn that you trust and feel comfortable with then that is truly great.  But for those of you that do not, you need to schedule an appointment with one ASAP, so that you can start monitoring you and your baby’s health from the beginning.  There is a ton of information that you have to go over with your doctor, such as your health, your family’s health and future plans.  You will be seeing your doctor plenty of times throughout your pregnancy, so make sure that this is someone that you feel comfortable with.  If your doctor’s office has more than one ob-gyn, you can set up appointments with each one and then decide which one you would like to be your primary physician.

#2 – Make sure that you ask questions about ANYTHING pertaining to your pregnancy.  There are so many new and different things going on with you and your body and if you have questions about your baby, the birth, what you should or shouldn’t be doing, do not leave your doctor’s office unsure about something.  Yes, you can get outside of your doctor’s office and Google your questions, which will probably give you some decent results, however it wouldn’t hurt to ask an actual professional while you are in their presence. At anytime during your pregnancy, if you ever get a bad vibe from your doctor or do not feel like they are doing their best to help you or address any of your questions or concerns, please do not feel like you have to stick with that one. Continue your search until you find an ob-gyn that best fits your needs.

Does going to the doctor make you nervous? Do have questions and forget to ask? Read these 5 tips on how to survive the doctor when pregnant.

#3 – Be prepared for tests.  No, not the type that you have to study all night for, you should be so lucky! These tests give the doctor more insight into how you and your baby are really doing.  You will be given blood tests to check for iron deficiencies and your blood type among other things.  You will also have to get your blood glucose level checked for diabetes and a test for your Rh factor.  Some other tests that your doctor will do are HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis.  You may be given a pap smear if you are due for one.  Also, you may want to drink a cup of water before your appointment because you will be given a urine test.  Not every doctor gives you this test for every appointment, but some do.  Your ob-gyn will test your urine for things such as sugar, which may be an indication of diabetes and protein, which in excess could be a sign of urinary tract infections or preeclampsia later in your pregnancy.

Also, during the latter months of your pregnancy, you will be given a test again for gestational diabetes, as well as a test for Group B strep.  If you test positive for this you will be given an antibiotic during labor so that it does not pass to your baby.  If you are 35 or older, or depending on your blood test results, you could be given more tests to check you and your baby’s well being.  Such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis, which both detect downs syndrome and other abnormalities.  Along with these tests, you will also have ultrasounds done throughout your pregnancy so that your doctor can check on your baby’s growth.  If you are unsure or anxious about any test that your doctor wants you to have or suggests for you to have, talk to them about it. Research it for yourself or ask others about their experiences.  Try not to stress about it.  Remember that these tests are used so that your doctor can further help you if you do not get your desired results.

#4 – Once you get to those final weeks, brace yourself it’s going to hurt.  Your doctor may want to check your cervix to see if there is any dilation.  During this time, it will feel very uncomfortable and may even hurt.  Remember, if you are not overdue or having some other unexplained medical condition, you can opt out of these cervical checks.

#5 – Again, you will be spending a lot of time with your doctor.  Most likely, you will have appointments scheduled for once a month up until the last month, when your doctor will want to see you once a week.  If you doctor deems you high risk then you will have to see the doctor even more.  However many appointments your doctor schedules you for please try to keep your appointments.  Write them down. Put them in the calendar on your phone.  I know from experience how annoying it can be to go to some of those appointments. Especially the weekly ones, when your doctor will most likely just ask if you have any questions, listen to the baby’s heartbeat and then you are done.  I feel that since this is very common for doctors to do, there must be a good reason for it.  They just want to make sure that everything is good with the baby even if you feel fine. So just make sure that you go to your appointments and it will be over before you know it.