5 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Child

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Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day of romance with your significant other. It is when people usually expect flowers, cards, gifts, candy, etc., from someone “special” as an expression of their love for you. However, when you have children it can sometimes be difficult to plan for all of that lovey-dovey stuff. So, I suggest incorporating them into your Valentine’s Day. Children want to feel the love too! Here are five ways that you can make Valentine’s Day special for your child as well.

Bake a special Valentine’s Day treat

For those children who love helping out in the kitchen, this will make their little hearts jump for joy! Decorating sweet desserts with pinks and reds made with love from you and your child will be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Do a Valentine’s Day-themed arts and crafts project together

This is my favorite and it is an easy and fun way to incorporate your child into your Valentine’s Day plans. Cutting, pasting, and coloring are things that your child may already enjoy. Therefore, try to take some time on Valentine’s Day to make something spectacular with them.

Pick out a gift for someone special with your child

Whether it be for their other parent, teacher, grandparent, whoever, having your child pick out a nice gift to show their appreciation will make the person on the receiving end smile. Also, if they are in school have your child pick out cards to hand out and if it is allowed add in some of those Valentine’s Day treats that you made together.


Give your child a Valentine’s Day gift

Who doesn’t love a holiday where gifts are exchanged? Don’t leave your child hanging! Let them enjoy Valentine’s Day starting at an early age by getting them a gift. Shoes, jewelry, candy, crayons, a game or book it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Just a little something to make them happy.

Go on a Valentine’s Day date with your child

Take your little one somewhere that you know they will enjoy like the movies. They probably would want to see Deadpool, but depending on your child’s age that probably won’t work out. However, Kung Fu Panda 3 is still in theaters. A few other ideas are the mall, park, museum, anywhere you will be spending time with them is always a plus. Be an example for your child in how to treat or be treated on a date. However, let’s hope that they will remember when they turn 35 and you finally allow them to. 🙂

To see some of my favorites relating to these topics, take a look at my “Valentine’s Day Fun” board on Pinterest below.

How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day? Will you include your little one? If so, how?