6 Ways To Take A Break With Your Child Around

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I am a stay at home mom and there have been days when I question this decision.


Well, I love that I am able to stay at home with my children. However, there are times when my children just won’t listen to me and I have to keep repeating myself. There are days when they just can’t seem to get along no matter what I do. I may clean up one mess and then two seconds later there is another. Not only do times like these make me question if I want to stay home, but they also make me question if I am a good mom at all. I start to feel like I must be doing something wrong because everything feels like it is falling apart.


When I start to have thoughts like this I know that I just need a break. I need some time to myself to just gather my thoughts and get away from the chaos going on in the house. However, some days I need a break ASAP, but no one is available who I trust to watch my children. Therefore, I came up with ways to take a break with my children around.

How do I take a break?

  1. Make a phone call –  I put on their favorite show or movie and make my phone call in the next room. That way they are entertained and I can still monitor them while taking a break. These calls don’t usually last more than 20-30 minutes because the kids begin to realize that I’m on the phone. Then they want all of my attention again. When I make my call it is usually to my bestie. Most of the time she is going through the same thing. We always know how to make each other laugh and start to feel better.
  2. Go outside – Sometimes we just need some fresh air. Taking the time to play with them outside, go for a walk or even just watch them play helps me to relax.
  3. Take a shopping trip – Most of the time my kids behave while we are out. However, even if they don’t, retail therapy always puts me in a better mood.


  1. Invite someone over – It is usually someone with children so that our kids can play together and I can have some adult conversation.
  2. Join a Facebook group for moms – If no one is around that I can talk to I can always find other moms online. Facebook has a bunch of groups where moms can vent, ask questions or just talk about anything.
  3. Head to the bathroom – If I desperately need to take a break by myself then I will take a 2-minute bathroom break. I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down if I seem to be overwhelmed. This honestly helps. My children are always waiting by the door, but I don’t mind. LOL

Moms – we need breaks! When you are at your job you get breaks, so how is this any different? If you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, sad or angry then you probably need a break. It is better to take a short break daily than to become so stressed that you need to take a long-term break away from your kids. Do not feel guilty about it. Take your break and get back to being the mom that your kids love.

Do you take breaks during the day? If so, what do you do?

Do you need a break from your child but feel guilty about wanting it? Do you want one but can't find the time? Read these 6 ways I find time to take a break with my child around.