9 Ways I Would Re-Do My Pregnancies


Right now in my life, I do not think that I will have another child. I am really happy with the family my husband and I have that consists of one boy and one girl. “A rich man’s family,” which is what everyone always says when I tell them about my children. So being that I feel this way I started to think about from what I experienced with my pregnancies, what I would do if I had the chance to re-do them. There are just a few things that I would add or change if I could do it all over again.

#1 Exercise More Often

I exercised more in my second pregnancy than I did with my first. With my first I just wanted to eat, sleep and be merry. But with my second, I took more walks, did yoga and chased after my then two-year-old son. I exercised more mainly because I thought that it would help me in having a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). I did have my VBAC, but if I could re-do my pregnancies this would not be the only reason why I would have exercised. I would have exercised almost daily just to be in shape and healthier for myself. Then it wouldn’t be so hard for me to do it after having my children. I am still about 13lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. It is mostly all in my belly, but it has been hard trying to lose it and it’s been almost two years since I had my daughter.

#2 Cut Out The Sugar

This definitely ties into #1 with being more healthy and in shape. Before I had my children I ate sweets occasionally. It wasn’t a biggie for me. I did not have to have it. Once I became pregnant I started to drink milkshakes and eat cake and ice cream. Seriously, it was bad. I ate dessert and candy on a regular basis. My doctor told me during my third trimester to cut out the sugar because it would stick to me. But nope, I did not listen. I figured that I already planned on working out once I had the baby, so I kept eating sweets. As you can see from #1 that did not happen. Now that I am not pregnant, I do not eat sweets as much, but I still have them more than I did before I was pregnant. Continuing to eat sugar also caused me to develop two cavities. I have never had cavities before in my life. However, about two weeks ago the dentist told me that I had them and a week later I had them filled.

#3 Throw A Gender Reveal Party

I think that this is such a cute idea. I have never been to one, but I have certainly read articles and seen pics of others on the internet. My husband and I love to throw parties, so this would be an excuse to have another. I think it would be very memorable and special to find out my unborn child’s gender with family and friends.

#4 Not Find Out the Sex

Yes, this is totally opposite from #3, but with one of my pregnancies, I would have liked to have been surprised. I was honestly planning on doing this with my second pregnancy but my husband wanted to know. He thought it would be better if we knew so that everything could be set up and ready before the baby came. Therefore, he convinced me to find out. But if I could re-do a pregnancy I would definitely stand my ground on this one.

#5 Take More Pregnancy Pics

I am always the one taking pictures of others. Therefore, during my pregnancies, most of my pictures of my pregnant belly were mostly taken by me in the mirror. I wish I would have taken more so that I could see how my belly changed either weekly or monthly. I also would have liked to have taken professional pictures with my husband. You know with him touching my belly or kissing it. Even if I would have done it with my second pregnancy then my son could have been included. I would like to have pics of all three of us touching my belly. It’s always cool to look back at pictures that were taken during a special time in your life.

#6 Get A Pregnancy Massage

I always wondered what this experience would feel like during a pregnancy. This would have been very needed during those last few months when I was experiencing more pain and couldn’t sleep as good as I wanted. My husband’s massages were great, but I think a professional massage during pregnancy would be awesome!

#7 Have A Mirror Set Up During Delivery

I would have requested for a mirror to be set up during delivery so that I could watch my baby being born. I thought I would have been able to see my first because my husband was recording. However, I had to have a c-section, so I could not see that. However, during my VBAC, I wish I would have requested this. Even though I say this I do not know if I would have even looked. The pain was so bad during labor with my second pregnancy that I had my eyes closed the entire time.

#8 Have A Water Birth

I have seen water births before on television. I used to always say before I became pregnant that I wanted to have a water birth. But I guess I punked out when it could have actually been a reality. I just think water births are so peaceful and calm. It seems to relax the mother and ease the pain. Plus, most women do not give birth this way. It would have been a great story to tell.

#9 Start A Blog

If I could go back and re-do my first pregnancy I would have definitely started a blog. I read about starting a blog while I was pregnant because I would get online daily and research pregnancy information. I would read about other women’s experiences with their pregnancies and labors. But I did not start a blog at that time because I did not think I would have a lot to write about. Now that I actually have a blog I realize that I would have had a lot to write about. Plus, I would have had more time to write without kids around.

Even though I wish I could tweak either one or both of my pregnancies with a simple change such as taking more pics to a more extreme change such as a water birth; all in all my pregnancies ended with me obtaining my main goal….two healthy, smart, silly, loving children. This I would NEVER re-do!

Is there anything that you would like to change about your experience with being pregnant? Please share them in the comments section below.


8 thoughts on “9 Ways I Would Re-Do My Pregnancies

  1. So many thoughts here. Our son and his wife had a pregnancy reveal party It was fun and we had to bit inside the cupcakes. I also bought her a massage but they can’t do a real one when you are pregnant. It is very scaled down.

    1. Aww! The cupcake idea sounds nice. Thanks for sharing about the pregnancy massage. I do not know anyone who has had it done, but I’ve seen ads for it.

  2. These are all great ideas! I had to cut out sugar with pregnancy #2 because I had gestational diabetes. I was dying for sweets at first but couldn’t have them…and it got easier to live without them. Great list, and thanks for sharing at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

  3. My husband arrange a pregnancy massage for me in those later trimesters and it was amazing! When your back gets crazy sore it is a fabulous break and it is nice to be able to lay on your stomach with their specialty table fit for your belly.

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