Carving Pumpkins With My Toddlers

It’s fall, which means pumpkins can be found everywhere! My children and I found our pumpkins and decided to bring them home and carve them. This is an easy activity to do with toddlers. It gives them the chance to be creative as well as get their hands a little dirty. I will share with you the steps we took to carve our pumpkins and the fun we had along the way.

First, I cleaned the pumpkins to get all of the dirt off before we began. Next, I gave my son and daughter markers so that they could draw on the pumpkins. Since we had two, my son claimed one and myself and my daughter worked on the other. My daughter took this time, to scribble over the pumpkin. My son decided to draw a smiley face on his pumpkin and I drew a face on the pumpkin that my daughter and I were working on.

After we had our faces on our pumpkins we went into the kitchen and I got a sharp knife to begin carving out the outline of our pumpkin faces. During this time, my son and daughter played with their toys. I guess this was the boring part to them :/ I messed up a little while carving my pumpkin. Some of the teeth that I wanted to show on the face were accidentally cut out. I thought my son’s pumpkin definitely looked better than me and my daughter’s.

T-1's pumpkin
My son’s pumpkin
Me and my daughter's pumpkin
Me and my daughter’s pumpkin

Once I carved out the faces and the top around the stem, we began to clean out the pumpkin guts. Now, this is the part that my daughter enjoyed the most. My son wasn’t so thrilled, but he rolled up his sleeves and told my daughter not to touch his pumpkin.

I watched him prepare himself to stick his hand in as if he was about to perform surgery. He reached his hand in slowly and pulled out about 3 seeds. Meanwhile, my daughter was pulling out handfuls of pumpkin guts. She was rubbing it all between her hands, smelling it, she even tasted a little…but I guess it wasn’t so good to her because she only tried to eat it once. This was a good sensory activity for her, so I let her continue playing in it for a good 20 minutes after we were finished.

By this time, my son was in the living room watching television and my daughter was more than happy to move onto my son’s pumpkin and start cleaning his out. When my son saw her, he didn’t even say anything, which is rare when she has something of his. That’s how I knew he did not care for this part. ¬†Once we were finished cleaning out the pumpkin, he came back in for more fun. Both of them began rolling their pumpkins around on the kitchen floor and chasing after them. This brought on a lot of laughter.

Our carved pumpkins. T-1 - on left Me and T-2's - on right
Our carved pumpkins.
My son’s – on left
Me and my daughter’s – on right

Once we were done with the pumpkin fun, we put our pumpkins on display in the living room window for everyone to see. However, I am sad to report that after about 5 days, our pumpkins had to be thrown away. They began to rot and grow mold on them, which really gave them a scary look.

I did some research to see why they did not last that long and I found that we possibly needed to clean them a little more thoroughly. Some information that I found stated that you could soak your pumpkin in a bleach solution or spray it with a pumpkin preserver. I wish I would have known that they even had a spray to preserve your pumpkins. This is just a heads up for anyone that wants to do this activity as well. Just make sure that you clean your pumpkin thoroughly and you may want to purchase a preserver so that you can enjoy your carved pumpkin longer.

Even though our pumpkins didn’t last that long, it was still a fun activity. I love it when I can work on an activity with my children and they both can get involved.

Carving Pumpkins With Toddlers - my experience carving pumpkins with my two toddlers

2 thoughts on “Carving Pumpkins With My Toddlers

  1. they look very nice : ) the children did wonderful funny thing is my teenager is asking me to buy her a pumpkin so she can carve can you believe it and di you venture on to making pumpkin pie or a pumpkin recipe of any sort?

    1. Thank you! Lol your teenager wants to feel like a kid again! It can be fun at all ages though. No we didn’t make anything with it. I did think about it, but I’m not really a pumpkin eater and the kids are picky, so I didn’t want them to waste it.

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