Completing Everyday Chores with Hefty

As a child, I can remember watching my Mom clean and wanting to help her. She let me do some things, but of course, there were just some things that I wasn’t capable of doing. I am experiencing that now with my son. He enjoys vacuuming and helping me move the empty trash cans on trash day. I like the fact that he enjoys helping me now and I am dreading the day that he realizes that there are other things that he’d rather do than help me clean.

Even though I got to a point when I didn’t enjoy cleaning as much (my teenage years) I still did it. The more I did it, the better I got at it. I always wanted my room to be clean and organized. Going from my small childhood bedroom to my tiny dorm room to my little apartment, to now having my own house, you would think that I have learned a thing or two to make cleaning easier. Well, I have! Especially now with children. The cleaning game has drastically changed. Besides giving my children what they need every day, I believe that cleaning is something else that I spend a lot of time doing.

One trick that I have learned over time is to not just use trash bags for trash. I use trash bags to help me move items from one room to another. For example, when my children bring toys into the living room when they should be in their playroom. I throw all of the toys into the bag instead of carrying them in my arms and going back and forth. This way I am able to just make one trip.

Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen

I also like to use trash bags to bring laundry down the stairs to the laundry room. Yes, I could carry laundry bags up and down the stairs, but that takes more time. I like to load up a trash bag with laundry and drag it down the steps. This is a time when I sure could use John Cena’s help. I’m sure he would be able to lift the bags with ease.

Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen

When I need to store items away such as thick blankets or clothes for the summer I put them in trash bags. Then I store them away in a closet or in the attic.

Since I use trash bags for multiple purposes, I don’t like to use flimsy bags. I can’t use bags that can’t hold many items and will split apart easily. I like to use Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash bags with Arm and Hammer Odor Control. These trash bags have an amazing break resistant grip drawstring and they use technology that makes the bag tear resistant. They also have an odor neutralizer and are available in many different scents. I like to use Clean Burst and I will tell you that with this scent opening and closing the trash can has never smelled so good.

Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen

Don’t believe me? Then please try it for yourself. You can learn more about Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen trash bags here.

If you do decide to buy these Hefty trash bags then you should also download the Ibotta app. When you use this app from now until October 17th you can receive a $1.00 rebate on your purchase of Hefty trash bags.

What other uses do you have for trash bags in your household besides using them for trash?

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