Dealspotr: Share Deals & Earn Money

One day I received an email from someone about joining a deal sharing site. Normally, I would have ignored an email like this from someone that I didn’t know, but I was interested. The site is called Dealspotr and you can go there to find deals and you can also help others by posting deals that are not listed on the site yet. I liked what I read so I signed up. For signing up I received 5,000 points automatically into my account. It wasn’t long before I earned my first $10 Amazon gift card.

Share deals and earn money using Dealspotr.

My 1st attempt at posting a deal was intimidating. I clicked the link to post a deal and there were several questions that needed to be answered in order to post. Needless to say, I did not post a deal the first time I saw this. I thought it would take a long time. But I did post my first deal a few days later and it was easy! I became hooked and began looking everywhere for more deals to share.

Share Deals and Earn Money using Dealspotr

There are several ways to earn points on Dealspotr:

Complete your daily checklist – This consists of several small tasks that you can complete in a day to receive a big daily point bonus. The tasks vary, but some that I have seen are: post or validate 2 promo codes, find a deal and share it and spot 5 deals.

Validate deals – When you validate a deal you are letting others in the community know that you have tried to use the deal and it is valid.

Spotting deals – When you spot a deal you are selecting a deal that you believe is so good that others will spot it as well and the deal will become hot or on fire. When you guess correctly you will receive more points. Your daily limit will increase as well when you are continuously spotting these types of deals.

Share Deals and Earn Money using Dealspotr

Referring others – When you let others know about Dealspotr and they join you will receive additional points.

The number of points that you earn for each task depends on your accuracy score. Moderators will monitor your deals for accuracy and your score will increase depending on how well the community receives your deals and how much information you provide about your deal.

Each time you reach 10,000 points you receive a gift card.

If you own a blog, Dealspotr offers additional perks by becoming a part of their Influencer Network. As an influencer, your points are increased faster based on your status. The statuses are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You have to complete tasks in order to change your status and receive additional benefits. At the Gold status, you have the option of redeeming your points for cash via Paypal. You have the option of using Dealspotr articles on your blog, which are related to couponing and saving money on their blog. How cool is that?

Share Deals and Earn Money Using Dealspotr

Also, a new feature that Dealspotr offers is a Deal Sharing Widget. I use it on my page, Deals I Love. It allows you to share deals on your site and include your own affiliate links. It is very easy to use and Dealspotr spotlights blogs that use the widget on their site.

If you enjoy saving and earning money then you need to sign up for Dealspotr today! Sign up here and you will automatically receive 5,000 points and be halfway to your first gift card. If you own a blog, use my referral code: tUFjD11E to automatically upgrade to Influencer status.

Have you used Dealspotr? If so, what do you enjoy most on the site?

Do you enjoy sharing deals with others? Would you be interested in sharing deals and earning money at the same time? Learn how you can with Dealspotr.