What I Love Most About Fall

The first sign of Fall to me is not the leaves falling from the trees or the sun going down earlier.  It is the…pumpkins!!! Everything is flavored and made with pumpkin:  pumpkin coffee, cider, bread, pie, donuts, ice cream, pancakes.  You name it and around this time of the year, I’m sure that you can find it made with pumpkin. My children and I had our own experience with pumpkins, you can read about it here: Our Pumpkin Carving Activity.  However, we did not make any foods or beverages with them. Honestly, I don’t even really eat or drink pumpkin flavored items.  I just enjoy seeing them start to pop up everywhere because then I know it’s Fall.What
The next thing that I love about Fall is the clothing.  This is the time to bring out the sweaters, cute jackets and boots.  I would pick/wear Fall clothing over summer any day.  I am a casual person and I usually wear casual clothing.  However, in the Fall I feel that with my boots on and a cute jacket, I am dressing up a bit.  I don’t normally wear shoes, especially with a heel.  However, with boots I feel confident enough to wear a heel.  These types of clothing make me feel sophisticated, dressy, cute and cozy all at the same time.

During the Fall is when I begin to make hot drinks again.  I love drinking coffee, tea, cocoa and apple cider.  I will drink these anytime of the day.  I hate when it starts to get colder outside, but I love flavorful hot drinks that I can make to feel toasty.  Hot drinks are so comforting to me, especially on a cold day.  It is a wonderful feeling to be cold and then drink something that tastes so good and warms you up at the same time.  I stock up on various hot drinks throughout the year, so when this time of the year comes I am already prepared. coffee-392031_1280

Now comes the leaves falling from the trees which I enjoy.  I love all of the reds, oranges and browns that fill the streets.  These warm colors are another sign of Fall that I love to see.  Not only do I love seeing them, but I like the sound of leaves.  The crunch I hear or the sweeping noise they make as someone walks through the leaves are a great sound to me.  I like to go on walks and pick up different leaves that are pretty to me.  I usually use them to do an activity with my children.  I had a very embarrassing fall on a pile of wet leaves when I was younger that I will never forget.  It was funny then and it is funny to me now.  But, as much as I enjoy the leaves, you will catch me walking very slowly on them, especially when it is a rainy day.  🙂

forest-63279_1280 To me Fall is the time for more coziness.  I tend to dress more cozy and in my house I like to decorate with more fall colors such as: reds, oranges, browns and greens.  I also like to bring out more blankets and light more candles (at least one pumpkin scented, of course).  I think it makes the home feel more cozy and comforting, which is the feeling I get when I think about Fall.  Don’t believe me? Go grab a hot drink, cozy blanket, a good book or movie on a cold Fall day and then you will see why I love Fall so much!

What I Love Most About Fall - falling leaves, fall colors, fall candles and more