My Experience As A First Time Sports Mom

My son who is four years old has been home with me since I became a stay at home mom in 2013. I have been teaching him at home, but soon he will be attending school for Kindergarten. Therefore, before he starts school I wanted him to interact with kids his age before he starts. I thought about different activities he could do such as dance, karate, and soccer. But when I saw a flyer for T-ball in my area I was eager to sign him up. I have always wanted to be a sports mom.

The First Practice

Image of Sports mom son batting

My son is very friendly, so I knew that he would have no problem communicating with the other kids. At the first practice, he immediately made a buddy. They stayed together the whole practice. During practice, they played freeze tag, practiced throwing the ball and ran to each base. Because of the crazy weather, many of the practices were canceled including their Opening Day. This is the day that the teams were going to be introduced and they were going to take pictures and have a parade. There were only two practices total that the kids had before the first game.

The First Game

At the first game, we had some of our family come to see him play. He was so excited. All of the kids were so cute out on the field. All of the kids took turns batting, catching and throwing the ball. My son did a good job but at times, he took his focus off of the game. He is also left handed and needed a right handed glove, which he did not have. So it was a bit of a struggle for him to catch and throw. We have been practicing with him since then and he has gotten better.

What I Am Learning As A First Time Sports Mom

As a sports mom, it is a lot of work to keep up with all of the dates and supplies needed. Some weeks there is a practice and some weeks there aren’t any. Some days the games are early in the morning and some days they are at night. The games are also at different fields each week. There is a snack list where each child’s parent has to bring a snack and juice for the whole team after the game. I have to remember to bring his helmet, bat, and glove to each game. As well as bring a snack to occupy my daughter who wants to be a part of the team so bad. I am constantly pulling her away from running on the field. Even though it is a lot to keep up with I am happily doing it because I want him to be involved and to be part of a team. As a child, I would join groups and then quit because I was shy and didn’t think I would fit in. That is why I want to encourage my children to try different things at an early age so that they can see what interests them. I want them to realize that they would be a great addition to any team and that they can do whatever it is that they want as long as they work hard at it. I am curious to see if my son will stick with baseball or if he will want to try something else out. But, whatever he decides, I will stick by him and do whatever it is that I can do to help him to become better.

Image of Sports Mom son tball