Five years and still going strong….


My husband and I just celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary. (Yay us!!) It honestly does not feel like it has been that long.  Maybe one reason is because every year, it seems like we are planning for something.  In 2011, a little over six months after we were married, I got pregnant with our son, T-1.  So, that year we planned for being first time parents.  (Sidebar: This was a very exciting, emotional, joyous and nerve-wrecking time in our lives.  There were definitely times when I did not want to be bothered, but my husband was always there wanting to help.  At the time I was annoyed by him, but now looking back I appreciate the fact that he stayed by my side.) Okay, let’s continue…the following year, we were planning for our first vacation, birthdays and holidays with our son.  In 2013, I got pregnant with our little girl, T-2, and we began planning for life with two kids.  In 2014, she arrived and we again were planning vacations, birthdays and holidays, but trying to make it special for the both of them.  Within the past year, we moved into our first house, which was definitely a headache. As you can see, every year there has been something to do and now with our kids getting older I know that there will always be something to plan for.  Whether it’s a birthday, vacation and soon first days of school (not looking forward to that one, I want them to stay little forever).

With all of this planning, nothing has been perfect. Trust me, we have had our share of arguments through it all.  It has been a process, but we have learned to communicate our thoughts truthfully, compromise something that we wanted, just to make the other happy (which can definitely be hard to do) and the biggest thing, is that we have had fun along the way.  Even though we both get on each other’s nerve sometimes (him more than me, of course), we always remember to forgive, learn from the situation, laugh and make time to do things that we enjoy together.  I think the planning for big events keeps it interesting, it never gets boring because there is always something to do and talk about.

2 thoughts on “Five years and still going strong….

  1. I know I’m late, but, Happy Anniversary!

    What a great accomplishment for five years. Good or bad, easy or hard, it’s all a blessing, especially when you learn in the process.

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