Free Prenatal Appointment Printable

When I was pregnant with both of my children I had a horrible case of pregnancy brain. I could forget a thought in literally one second. It was so frustrating! Those times when I really couldn’t stand it is when I wanted to tell someone something really important. It sucked because I could not remember it for anything. For example, when I would go to my prenatal appointments and the doctor would ask, “Do you have any questions?” I would either say no or make up a question knowing it wasn’t really what I wanted to ask. If you read, 5 Tips On How to Survive the Doctor While Pregnant, then you know that I think it is important to ask any and all questions that you may have regarding your pregnancy.

I began to make notes on any piece of paper I could find or type it into my cell phone. The problem with this is that I would have a million notes scattered all over the place. I would have to go through them and then combine them to take with me to the doctor.

In an effort to save any pregnant mamas out there the time of having to go through this I have created a prenatal form for you. You can carry it with you in your purse, pocket, or wherever so that you can easily jot down any questions you may have before your appointment. Then at your appointment, you can use it to take notes.

Bonus: Keep all of your papers as a keepsake to look back on after you have given birth.

Click here to receive your free, “My Prenatal Appointment” printable or share it with any pregnant women you know.

Use this free printable to write down any questions you may have for your doctor. Take it with you to your prenatal appointment and take notes using this free printable.

Do you/ have you experienced pregnancy brain during your pregnancy? How do/did you deal with it?

Take this form with you to your next prenatal appointment. Jot down any questions for your doctor beforehand and take notes at your appointment using this free printable.