HireWriters.com Review: Earn Money Writing

Disclosure: I have received compensation for this post, however the opinions about Hirewriters.com are my own.

I have been a stay at home mom for a few years now. During this time I have found many ways to earn money online. Most of them I do while my children are napping, sleeping at night or someone else is watching them. One website that I have earned money from is HireWriters.com.

hirewriters1What is HireWriters.com?

It is an online platform that lists writing assignments that need to be fulfilled. Each assignment will list the category, job description, client name and the number of articles that the client has accepted and rejected as well as their approval rate. I would always look at that information to decide whether or not I wanted to accept an assignment. I made sure not to take on a job where the client had a low approval rate or a high number of rejections.

What kind of assignments do you receive?

Some of the types of assignments that I have seen are product reviews, blog posts, lists, essays and rewrites on a wide range of topics. The assignments that you are able to accept depends on your ranking. There is Beginner, General, Skilled, and Expert. Your ranking goes up as you complete more assignments. They also have to be accepted by the client. If a client likes your work they may send you an invite when they post new jobs requesting you to specifically work on them.

Hirewriters.com is a great place to go to earn money by writing. How much does it pay?

The pay varies. I have seen a 300+ word article pay $2.66, a 700+ word article pay $4.74 and a 2001+ word article pay about $15.55. You can even receive a bonus payment from your client for doing a good job. I think how much you make really depends on how fast and often you want to write. I like this because you can write whenever you want and make a bit of cash.

What is the payment schedule?

You receive your payment through PayPal every Friday as long as you have more than $10 in your account.

Additional Information about HireWriters.com

They accept writers from the U.S., Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. Make sure when you accept an assignment that you can definitely fulfill it. If you cannot you will receive a deduction from your account for missing the job deadline. Also, when they receive hundreds of assignments at a time they will send you an email to let you know. I like this feature because I may not sign on for awhile, but when I get these emails I log on to see what is available.

hirewriters3Since I started blogging and freelance writing I do not log on as much as I used to, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to earn money from home, especially if you enjoy writing. Sign up and start earning some cash by going to HireWriters.com today.

Hirewriters.com is a great place to go to earn money by writing.