Fun Activity: Homemade Bean Bag Set

Children love the challenge of trying to toss objects. As they practice, their accuracy will increase. With this homemade bean bag set, your kid will also work on their colors as well as number and set recognition while making up the rules to their own game!

Looking for a fun activity that your kids will enjoy? How about a homemade game? Learn how to create a homemade bean bag set that your children will love!

What You Need:

5 coffee cans, large
White sticker paper, sheets
Permanent markers
15 socks, clean with no holes
Duct tape
Colored tape
Large basket or bowl

What You Do:

  1. Cover the edges of the five coffee cans with duct tape, so no jagged edges are showing.
  2. Help your child cover each can with self-adhering paper.
  3. Have them draw numbers 1-5 on the front side of each can. Below the number, have them draw the corresponding number of dots so they have a numeric and a pictorial reference of the number on each can.
  4. Help them to make 15 bean bags. Add the same amount of beans to each sock.
  5. Tie the sock off so it has a tight knot to keep the beans from falling out, or sew them shut.
  6. Cut off the excess sock so it doesn’t get in the way of the beanbag.
  7. Using different colored markers, write the following number combinations, with corresponding dots below the numbers on each bean bag: “1” on five bean bags, “2” on four bean bags, “3” on three bean bags, “4” on two bean bags, and “5” on one bean bag.
  8. Have them place all of their bean bags into a basket.
  9. Create a tape line on the floor to show where the cans should be placed. Do the same for the throw line.
  10. Let your child and their friends determine how to keep score using the numbers provided on the cans and the bean bags.

The numbering scheme is meant to encourage the children to create their own games. Counting is not necessarily the object of this activity; there are many ways they can play. At first, they may just toss the bean bags in the can. Later they may match the numbers or colors. Let their imaginations run wild!