Let’s Get Physical! 5 Ways to Get Active with Your Partner

Yes! It’s time to get active and who better to do it with than your partner.  It’s the weekend and the weather is still nice, so I thought it would be the right time to share some activities that I enjoy with my husband.  I promise, it will be fun!



  1. Play catch – Simple, right? Who doesn’t like a good game of catch? It’s so easy anyone can do it or at least have fun trying.
  2. Go swimming – This is the perfect activity to beat the summer heat. Let’s see who can swim the fastest. Don’t know how to swim? Me either (LOL). You can still have fun pretending to swim by kicking your legs and swinging your arms around in the water.  Enjoy your splash party with each other.
  3. Have a race – On your mark, get set, Go! Act like kids again and have a good ol’ fashioned race.  This can be done anywhere…in your backyard, in the parking lot from the mall to the car or if your feeling adventurous, have your race in the mall.
  4. Dance – That’s right, turn on some music that you guys like and dance until you can’t anymore.  Turn it into a dance competition and see who has the best moves.dance-705645_1280
  5. Join a gym/Exercise dvd – Go out and join a gym together, then you will have access to plenty of equipment that you can stay active with.  You can also be active at home and do some exercise dvds together.  Challenge each other and see who can keep up with the instructor.

Can you think of any other ways to get active with your partner? Share them below in the comments section.