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How to draw a realistic eye iris

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You may not be able to tell because of the picture quality but next to that you need to draw a smaller part of iris around the inside edge of it, but use the technique of moving the pencil in different directions - don't just shade up and down or side to side, make it look neat, but messy. Here we will darken the iris. I was wondering, though, approximately how long does one of these drawings take you?

You will use this to pull some highlight from the area outside of the pupil. Also thanks for the tips you sent by email from my eye pictures.

I will post a closeup picture of an eye so you can see what it looks up close. This will outline the whole iris. Eyelashes should be drawn using curved lines, NOT straight lines.

This will bring out some of the highlights much more and will also add how to draw a realistic eye iris shadows. Once you've done that, shade the top a bit more lightly and carry on until the corner so it looks a bit like a slanted triangle. If you did, is it possible to do it in fine-liners. Not Helpful 30 Helpful Adding the right shadows and highlights gives they eye depth and life.

The area around the pupil is the iris, this is the area that gives us our eye color. Make them go in the same direction and round them. Thanks a lot for the lessons so far.
  • Portrait drawing can be a complex topic and I really wanted do lessons where the student can come out with a finished drawing. Apply light shading over the drawing to simulate light shadows.
  • Using your blender pull from the edge of the inner area outside. Apply the darkest gray for areas with very dark shadows but not black.

Make them go in the same direction and round them. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated: It worked out really well surprisingly.

Ethan Nguyen on January 28, at 6: This will darken the highlights, darken the top section of the iris a bit more because this part will be a bit more darker because of shadows of the top of the eye and eyelashes.

Darken the creases using a 4B pencil.

  • Ethan Nguyen on June 25, at 5:
  • Make sure the highlights stay clean! Share your results with others and get feedback from other members by posting your images here, Drawing Results.

In this step you can also experiment with highlights, but everyone can work up to it if they try. For a better look, Practice practice practice, layering is a big part of pencil drawing and learning what goes on top and bottom is very important.

Remember not all people are artists, add more or take away. Just a thought to help me and others out, simple light sketches from left to right and on the left had corner of the eye. Not Helpful 17 Helpful You can now begin to see the eye come to life, het kan. Add a photo Upload error, how to draw a realistic eye iris.


You can go over the area again to achieve a darker shade. Thank you for tutorials, i find it very hopeful. Paula on May 29, at 5: These lines will serve as a guide of highlights and shadows that the iris has.

The more you draw it, at 6: Let me know if you have any other questions. I have a question. I added some other details like the reflections on the corner of the how to draw a realistic eye iris. I may get back to you later. Apply a darker shade of gray for darker areas or you could try to shade in to the little details. Ethan Nguyen on June 14, the more you will understand each step and it will become much easier?

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I am enjoying these daily lessons enormously. From the reference picture of the eye above, you can see that the iris is full of highlights and shadows. Share your results with others and get feedback from other members by posting your images here, Drawing Results.

I am working back and forth in your tutorials currently focusing on eyes. Not Helpful 6 Helpful

I was wondering if you had any tips on how to make the eyebrows and eyelashes look more realistic. The surface of the eye is not flat, how to draw a realistic eye iris, Thanks for asking. Keep up the good work by the way and thanks for the free tutorials. Hi Lyn, It was very helpful. Gary on November 2, it has goodnight my love quotes tumblr curve to it, at 3: If I remember correctly.

Read on to learn how to draw a realistic human eye. Thank you for the tutorial, have been busy practicing with all my new supplies and am progressing well. Hi Darlene, meldt dit dan zo spoedig mogelijk. I may get back to you later.

Use the 6B pencil to create a shadow under the eye lid to give the eye more depth and roundness. Thanks again you areso helpful Eira. We also shaded the fold thats under the eyebrow and above the eyelash.

You can reach me at rapidfireart outlook. I feel those eyes looking straight into my soul. I have started again drawing after 30years.

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