A New Family Tradition With Elf Magic

Disclosure: I received an Elf Magic Elf for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Our Elf Magic Elf arrived on Thanksgiving Day. I cleared out one of my son’s dresser drawers and placed Elf with all of his belongings inside. He arrived with a bed/table, blanket, ornament, washcloth, magic snowflakes, playing cards, 2-sided play scene, stickers and a passport. I told my son to get something out of his drawer and he saw the Elf. He exclaimed, “Hey, what is this?!”


I then read to him the Elf Magic poem and letter from Santa that Elf bought with him so that he would understand more about his Elf. Some important things that we learned about Elf is:

  • Elf needs Elf Magic, so he wants us to sprinkle his magic snowflakes on him every night.
  • He likes crackers and ice water before bed. It reminds him of crunching snow and melted North Pole snowflakes.
  • Elves like to hide at night and get into Elfcapades, which are nighttime adventures.
  • He wants to be loved and played with.
  • He will leave on Christmas Eve to go help Santa deliver gifts.

After my children learned that they could play with the Elf that is exactly what they did. At first, they would play tug-o-war a bit with Elf because they both wanted to play with him. But after awhile they began to take turns. They keep him pretty busy for sure! My daughter seems to always think when she picks up Elf she must sing a Christmas song and it is usually Jingle Bells.


I’ve seen Elf in the middle of them playing with Legos. He has been beside them watching television, eating dinner, coloring and more. This Elf has been everywhere!

I would say that besides playing with Elf that their favorite part of having Elf here is making sure to sprinkle magic snowflakes on him before they go to bed. They each take turns and then say “Goodnight Elf!” My favorite part of having Elf here besides seeing my children have so much fun with him is putting Elf in different locations. It is so funny seeing my children search for him in the morning. Some Elfcapades that Elf has been seen doing is trying to get into the freezer, climbing up decorations, playing cards, building with blocks and playing with Christmas ornaments.



It truly has been special having Elf in our home. I am glad that we have another family tradition to celebrate the holidays. We will all look forward to Elf arriving each year to bring us more joy.

If you would like an Elf for your home, please visit Elf-Magic.com.