Potty Training A Two Year Old + Free Printables

I believe it’s about that time to start potty training my daughter. She is about 2 ½ years old. These are signs she is showing that tell me that she is probably ready.

#1 – She tells me she has pooped. Most of the time she is right.

#2 – She goes into another room and starts to take off her diaper. This is a big sign because I can tell from the diaper that she has just used it. This tells me she does not want to be wet or messy in her diaper.

So I plan to use the methods that I used while potty training my son. I know that what worked for him may not work for her, but eventually, something will. One thing that I know that I have to do is be consistent. With my son, in the beginning, I would work with him one day and not really try the next. This did not work at all. But once I continuously worked with him on a daily basis, we found out what worked and then it just stuck.

Potty Training Methods:

  1. Give her something to drink and then have her sit on the potty – with my son, I would let him watch t.v., give him toys or just something that would occupy him so that he would sit on the potty long enough to go. This, unfortunately, did not work for him. He would sit there and never go. He would eventually get up and either run somewhere or go right next to the potty. Let’s just say I changed methods very quickly after the first few carpet accidents.
  2. Take her to the “big person” potty a.k.a. the toilet – I plan to give her something to drink and wait about 15 to 20 minutes. I will put the potty seat cover on the toilet and let her sit on it. If she doesn’t go right away, then we will stay close and try again in another 5 minutes. I will continue this until she finally goes. My hope is that once she goes her first time she will like it and want to keep trying to go on the “big person” potty.
  3. Give her a reward – I will incorporate this with whatever method I use. Going to the potty is a big accomplish for a toddler and it should be rewarded. I did this also with my son. I began by letting him place a sticker on a piece of paper and after he got 5 stickers he would get a piece of candy. He loved this! So I made a chart and hung it in the bathroom. It had every day of the week on it and space for him to place stickers. You can download that chart here, as well as a chart with mini toilets that your child can color each time they go to the bathroom.

Potty Training printable pottysheet

I will have to say the 2nd method along with a reward system is how my son became potty trained. There were a few setbacks at times, but by the time he was 3 he was potty trained.

I have heard from multiple people that potty training a girl is easier and faster. I just know that every child is different, so I just plan to take it day by day, stay consistent and see what works best for her.

Bonus: I must add that Daniel the Tiger helped my son also. He loved Daniel’s potty song. If you haven’t heard it, you can check it out below.

Have you potty trained a child before? What worked for you?

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