Product Review: Craftsy

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Lately, I have been feeling like I don’t make time for myself and the things that I enjoy. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up in making sure that everyone else in my household is entertained. Doing this does make me happy, but everyone needs some special time for just themselves every now and then. One hobby of mine that I have loved since I was a child is arts and crafts. I am always up for painting, drawing, basically any activity where I can be creative. I have written a few blog posts about doing arts and crafts with my children. Since I mostly do my arts and crafts sessions with them. So I decided to do a little bit of creating. It allows me to relax and have fun at the same time. Since March is National Craft month it seemed only right to do some arts and crafts. So, I started taking an online course on Craftsy.

Have you heard of Craftsy?

Craftsy is where you can find hundreds of online classes taught by world-class instructors pertaining to sewing, knitting, art, photography, cake decorating and more. You learn at your own pace from video lessons that can be accessed at any time from your computer and/or mobile device.

Which courses did I take?

I was given the option of choosing 2 courses to take for free. There were so many choices. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to take because there were lots of great options. Since I love to draw but have never learned any techniques I chose 2 drawing courses. These are the two I picked:

  • Expressive Picture Book Characters
  • The Art of the Picture Book

I also received a free introductory course as a new member perk that was added to my account called, “Modern Buttercream”.

How was the course structured?

image of craftsy's expressive picture book characters course

During my short session of “me” time I decided to start the “Expressive Picture Book Characters” course. Each course comes with a supply list and even though I did not have the recommended supplies, paper and pencil worked just fine. Within the first 5 minutes of taking the course, this is what I was able to create:

image of expressive picture book character
My 1st sketch

I was really enjoying myself. I had begun to think in my head that I would definitely be signing up for more courses. They are very easy to follow along with and informational. I only got through Lesson 1: Creating Human Characters which was about 19 minutes and 16 seconds long. By the end of this lesson, these are the pictures that I was able to create:

image of expressive picture book character
Sketches from middle of lesson
image of expressive picture book character
The sketch I drew by the end of the first lesson

If you are interested in taking up a new project or learning a new craft then I highly suggest that you visit Craftsy.  I am sure that you will find something in their course catalog that will peak your interest. Not only will you find the courses, but Craftsy also sells supplies that you can use for all of your craft endeavors.

Right now until 5/21 at 11:59 pm, Craftsy is celebrating its birthday with 50% off member-favorite classes!


Have you taken a Craftsy course? How was your experience? Or are you thinking about taking a course, but have a question? Feel free to ask in the comments below.