Product Review: Hello Kitty app

HK pic 1

I had the pleasure of receiving a Hello Kitty educational app by Tap Tap Tales for free in return for my honest opinion. The recommended age group for this game are ages 3 to 7. I allowed my children as well as my niece and nephew to play this game on my phone. My daughter and nephew are younger than 3, so they mainly enjoyed touching Hello Kitty and having her go back and forth on her scooter. My son and niece are both four years old and were able to play the interactive educational games on the app.

What does this app offer?

In this app, children will take Hello Kitty to various places around her town. When children tap on the doors of different locations around town they will enter and have access to numerous educational games. These games use a mix of math, music, direction, perception and memory in order to help children practice and improve on their skills.

image of Hello Kitty in a race
Children have to select the player with the shortest path.
HK pic 6
Sticker fun with Hello Kitty!
HK pic 7
Hello Kitty and a friend play volleyball.
HK pic 5
The player has to match the color in the circle to the keys of the same color.
Image of Hello Kitty shopping
Who remembers what Hello Kitty wrote on her shopping list? The correct ingredients will need to be placed in her basket.
Image of Hello Kitty counting and sorting fruits
The player will need to put the correct number of fruits in the correct basket

 What are my thoughts on this app?

In my opinion, the Hello Kitty app is good for children ages 3 to 7. I like that there are parental controls in the app. If any settings are about to be changed a prompt comes up on the screen and asks for a pin to be put in first. I think that my niece favored the game more than my son. He did enjoy playing the games for a bit, but my niece was more excited than him. I went through the game myself and thought that it was easy to navigate. The visuals were appealing. Overall, it does have great educational games featuring Hello Kitty.

A limited version of this app is available for free through Apple and Google Play. In order to play the full game and have access to 30 educational games it costs $3.99.