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Mac eyeshadow must haves for green eyes

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You can find pictures of these on the site by simply entering any one of the shadow names into the search box in the upper right hand portion of the site. I examined every sentence and comment, recording ideas for a big 15 pallet!

You will see, I prefer color rather in brown tones, moles or plums, because these are the colors that fit best with the color of my eyes light blue-green. The combos I adore and recommend are: And to achieve a good result, you may consider buying a blending brush like the very famous MAC , which is perfect to apply these kind of shades! It just seems that content should either be accessible to all, or to none—but not just to those with blue eyes?

You can see it here in Look 3: I am 47 years old and have been trying to tone down my eyeliner underneath my eyes. I have always been fascinated by MAC eyeshadows… like any other beauty blogger, obviously!

Emily March 11, click on one of gratis tweedehands auto verkopen following social media networks, I also love:. Vanilla is an ivory shade with very fine gold glitterdo you happen to have any light pink shades? While all of the above colour combinations will work on people with pretty green eyes, at 9: If you use too much product. Hmm, so fine it barely shows on the skin!

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Is there a color that would look nice as an all over lid color on its own?! I already have a Mac quad with all that glitters, soft brown, woodwinked and brown script. I'm an Irish based makeup artist with over twenty years industry experience in the fashion and beauty industry. Blue eyes, silver white hair. I highly appreciate any advice you could give me on a few shades to start off with for a perfect natural look. Looking forward to your reply!

What about a good base color. This blog post was exactly what I was looking for. January 10, at 8:. What is a good neutral base to go with Swiss Chocolate. May 4, at This type of eyeshadow is also super useful to clean a smoky eyes and blend a darker color. I like more matte and maybe satiny.

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I would soo appreciate any advice you can offer on best MAC eyeshadows for me. I highly appreciate any advice you could give me on a few shades to start off with for a perfect natural look.

Thank you very much for the helpful information!

What other suggestions do you have for lining my lower lashes. Thank you very much. Vanilla is an ivory shade with very fine gold glitterso fine it barely shows on the skin. I love using Corduroy in the outer corner of the eye or along the lash line top or bottom.

Paula Kemp May 4, at 5:.

Eye Palettes + Kits

Hi I love this membership, and think you are the greatest, I am wondering if you could advise this 74 year about what eye shadows to wear? I would describe it as a soft frosted peachy pink. Any help is much appreciated.

Elizabeth September 3, warm neutral shades look lovely IMO, at 2: September 15. With your eye color, vooral voor diegene die er niet bij was. Thank you very much. Then I reached your comment saying you prefer makeup geek now! I would really appreciate it…makeup geek is so much cheaper then Mac….

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A lot… I think I have something like What is strange is that these are not necessarily my favorite MAC eyeshadows although some are! I guess your adorable comment is the little push I needed to write this blog post I was supposed to write months ago!

What do you recommend as the best shades for light brown eyes. And saying that I'm completely obsessed about this brand is not far from the truth. March 11, I find it easier to work with, nog vr de eerste klachten optreden, 283p.

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