Say-Say-Say-Say What?! 12/10/15

My four year old son says the funniest things.  Sometimes I can’t believe what he says.  Here are a few sayings he has said over the last few weeks. One, if not all of them will put a smile on your face.

My son was jumping up and down.  When he would pop up he would yell, “I’m flying!” and as soon as his feet touched the floor he would calmly say, “I’m not flying” as if he was so disappointed to be back on the ground. He did this repeatedly for a good 3 minutes.


A few days after my son’s 4th birthday, he was on the swing.  He began to yell, “I feel like a kid again!”  My husband and I burst out laughing.  We could not believe he said this and we were wondering where did he get this from? My husband said to him, “Oh really, show me what bills you were paying.”


My Mom was visiting and while she was on her way to the door to get ready to leave, we continued to talk a little bit more.  I guess my son was ready for us to stop talking because he interrupted and said, “Grandmom, do you think you could get out of my house for a second?” We both looked at him like, “What?!” He just burst out laughing like he knew that trying to kick Grandmom out was crazy.