Say-Say-Say-Say What?! 9/25/15


“Attention Shoppers, Please visit our website for weekly deals!”

T-1: “OKAY!”

T-1: WHERE!”

T-1: “OKAY, AUNT ___!”

These are some of the phrases that my son yells to the PA system as we walk through stores.  It never fails.  Whenever someone begins to talk through the loud speaker he always feels the need to yell something out as if they are only talking to him.  He has done this since he began talking.  I think it is funny, but I don’t like him yelling in the store. So, I usually tell him to quiet down.  I have caught other shoppers smiling or giggling at him.  Maybe other kids do this, I don’t know.  But, he is the only child that I have ever seen do this.  He loves to talk and I think he loves the sound of his own voice.