Say-Say-Say-Say What?! 9/3/15

Recently, I was with my son and daughter and we were doing our usual before lunchtime, playing and watching cartoons. Then I began to cook lunch while they were still playing with their toys. But I just happened to look at my son and I noticed that his mood had changed.  He went from being silly and happy to sad.  Then all of a sudden he says:

T-1: I cried on my pillow last night.

Me: Why did you cry on your pillow last night?

T-1: Because you just looked at me.

Me: I just looked at you?

T-1: You just looked at me and said, “Go to bed.”

“Where the heck did this come from?”, was the thought that was going on in my head. We were just fine a few moments ago, laughing and joking. “Great, thanks for ruining the mood”, is what I was thinking.  My son was referring to the previous night after I had put him and his sister to bed. I went downstairs and did what most moms do when the kids go to bed and you have some free time: throw a little mini party, do a little dance, drink a cup of wine.  Okay I’m lying, that’s just what I wish I was doing.  I actually was just sitting on the couch, watching t.v. and then that whole scenario that he described played out. Honestly, I really did feel bad when he said that in his little sad voice.  But if it happened all over again, I’m sorry but I would still tell him to go to bed.  I was looking forward to this time all day.  He didn’t even take a nap, so I did him a favor by making him go to sleep.