Sibling Moment Mondays 8/31/15

This is a post I plan to do every Monday just to share a moment between my kids that I feel is worth sharing.  As they grow older I’m sure there will be plenty of these. 🙂



Lately, I have been really studying the way that my kids interact with each other.  As my daughter begins to walk/run and talk more, her and my son play together more often.  This is what I have been waiting for since she was born.  One of the main reasons my husband and I decided to try for another baby was so that my son could always have someone else at home to play with.  It is really cool to watch because she tries to keep up with everything he does.

This is how playtime has been lately from my point of view:

Okay great everyone is playing nice individually. Oh wait…okay T-1 (my son) has started to run from one end of the room to the other.  Oh look, now T-2 (my daughter) is running back and forth. How cute, they are racing each other.  Uh what’s happening now? Okay, T-1 wants to ride on a toy car.  Alrighty then.  Here comes T-2 pushing a toy car right behind T-1.  Okay that’s cool, I guess. I just hope she doesn’t bump into him. What’s T-1 doing? He just stopped and went over to T-2…uh oh..he took the toy car from T-2.  Just great! Now T-2 is crying and running after T-1.  Should I step in? Oh no..she caught up with T-1 and started hitting him.  Okay I’ll step in…

“T-1, give T-2 back the toy car she was playing with.”

T-1 throws the toy car and begins to cry now.

….And this is how their playtime will usually end up.  The only thing that changes are the toys being used.