Sibling Moment Mondays 9/7/15

heart-762564_1280Today, I will talk about a very good moment between my kids.  A moment that occurs occasionally and when it does I can’t help but smile.  It’s the moment when I see my son put his arms out and ask his little sister for a hug and she happily gives him one.  There are even times when he will put his arm around her and they will sit, watch television together and laugh.  It goes both ways as well, he is not always the one trying to show their sibling some love.  We can say, “T-2 give T-1 a kiss.” Sometimes she has to chase him down, but once he stops running she plants the biggest kiss on his cheeks.  

It is just so sweet, what parent wouldn’t like to see their kids getting along and showing affection?  My husband and I plan to encourage this by telling them to say sorry to each other when they fight, communicate when they are mad at each other, give hugs and say I love you. I hope that this bond that is growing between them continues to grow and get stronger.  They don’t have to be best friends (although I would love if this happened).  I just want them to always be there for the other.  Especially when they get older and their friends may upset them or someone makes them sad.  I want them to always turn to each other and find comfort.  I mean I know that they fight over toys and get annoyed with each other at times, but their moments of endearment confirm that they actually love and care for one another.


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