Tale of a Talkative Toddler

book-774837_1280We let the kids spend the night at my mom’s house this past weekend.  This is not the first time, however I always let my son, T-1, know that he is going to stay there before I actually take him.  I let him know just so he has time to let it sink in that he will be away from home.  I do this because I want him to know what is going on.  I try to put myself in his shoes a lot and I would hate for someone to just say “Come on, let’s go” without telling me where I am going.  He enjoys knowing what is going on because he can expect for something to happen.  It could be a birthday party, someone coming over to visit, us taking a trip to the store, basically anything involving him he likes to know about.  Now with this, comes a million questions “Why am I staying at grandmom’s house?, “Is T-2 coming too?”, “Is (insert all of his cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparent’s names) coming over?”, and he does not just ask once, he asks repeatedly the same questions.  I mean of course, I am grateful that my son can speak and he speaks well at that, but I am a shy, quiet mom.  I don’t want to converse all of the time.  I mean honestly, sometimes I want to just hand him my iPhone and let Siri answer all of his questions.  I’m pretty sure he is not the only toddler to ask so many questions, which also makes me think whether or not my daughter will be the same way at his age.  I can’t imagine answering double the amount of questions.

With all of that being said, the minute I am away from him I start to miss him and all of his questions.  What can I say, he is the opposite of me and just like his talkative dad, which I love.

4 thoughts on “Tale of a Talkative Toddler

  1. I agree with letting all children know what’s going on unless it’s a surprise, surpass are ok. However, you will get just as many questions.
    I just see it is as their expanding the vocabulary. Children have their own way of growing the parents or of things and developing them in their own little way. Such as the shyness. That’ll soon be behind you in some ways… You ask how?
    All of the amazing things he will do as he continue to grow, you will find yourself in many events where ppl will come and speak to you about the wonderful or corky, intelligent things he does.
    The talking had just began….
    Have fun as they grow out doesn’t stop. I have it times 3. It’s all good though. You will never have a dull moment.

  2. Thanks Shawna, yes I agree there will be never be a dull moment and I hope you are right about the shyness being behind me one day 🙂

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