Ten Tips to Get You Ready for Christmas Shopping

wallpaper-674106_1920It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year…Christmas!! I know, I know…we haven’t even reached Thanksgiving yet and I’m already talking about Christmas. But hey, anyone that has to purchase a gift for a loved one, but especially a child, knows how important it is to make this time special for them.  So! To get you started, I have ten tips that I would like to share in hopes of making your holiday shopping a little bit easier.

Listen to your child throughout the year – Children always say “I want this!” or “Can I have that?” Pay attention to the items that they are stating and write them down. Or, make a mental note of what your child has mentioned.  It is a good time to observe things that they may point out on television or in stores. This is good especially if your child does not talk or talk well yet. Your child will definitely be happy that you (or Santa) paid attention to what they like.

Research online – Look online at various stores for toys or other items that are suitable for your child’s age.  You can also research online for toys that are hot this year, such as the Toys R Us 2015 Holiday Hot Toy List or Walmart’s Toy List Chosen by Kids.

Search for deals – A lot of stores have already begun having sales that are helpful to those searching for children’s gifts.  If you already have an item in mind that you would like to purchase, be on the lookout for when sales or deals for this item may come.  Check the weekly ads for various stores or sign up on their websites to be notified of special deals.

Start early – Some people choose to start planning for purchasing Christmas gifts the day after Christmas the previous year.  In my opinion, it is a good idea to purchase gifts throughout the year.  If you see a really good price on a gift, then purchase it then if you can.  Don’t wait until the holiday season.  However, I know that some people enjoy shopping during the season.  This is what makes the season great to them.  Being surrounded by Christmas lights and music and shopping alongside others, while everyone is searching for that perfect gift.  However, it might be a little bit easier on your pockets as well as your sanity if you get it done early.

Go window shopping – To get an idea of the gifts that you may want to purchase try spending a day window shopping.  As you make your way around to various stores, make a list of items that you may want to purchase as well as the prices.  This way you can go home and make a budget of how much you may need.  You can also compare prices and check online for product reviews.

Watch television with your child – If you want to know what popular or new toys are on the market just simply watch television.  Most networks, but especially children’s networks, are always showing commercials for new children toys.  Now that it is the holiday season they are showing them even more.  By watching you can get a better idea of what you want to purchase as a gift.  Also, if you watch with your child, as I stated previously they may point out or tell you what they are interested in.

Ask your child what they want – Of course, you want your child to be surprised. You do not want them to get their hopes up if you are unable to get them the gift that they want.  However, if you ask them what they may want, you won’t have to guess. Tell your child to create a wish list. Let them know that it doesn’t guarantee that they are going to get everything listed.  Also, if your child is little and still believes in Santa, then have them write a letter to “Santa”.

Do some evaluation – Evaluate what your child has and what items they could use.  For example, if your child is not the same size as last year, then you may want to consider getting them a new winter coat.  If your child has a whole bunch of toy trains, then switch it up and buy them cars this year.

Ask family and friend’s for recommendations – Perhaps, you know someone with children older or the same age as your child.  I am pretty sure that they can give you some ideas for good gifts that your child will love.  This way, you can ask questions and receive feedback on the products from someone you know and that a child around your child’s age liked this gift as well.

HAVE FUN!!! – This is most important.  Do not stress or worry about finding the perfect gift.  Don’t just make Christmas day fun, enjoy the whole holiday season! Do activities with your child.  Make new traditions and memories.  Spend time with family and cherish these moments. gift-844330_1920
How do you shop for Christmas gifts? Please share in the comments below.