What Every Mom Should Do During Pregnancy and The First Year, That Their Child Will Appreciate When They Are Older

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As you get older, you want to know what you looked like as a baby and what funny little things you did or said, right?  Well, as a mom now, who do you think your child is going to come to for this information? YOU! Your memory may not remember everything as vividly as it does now by that time. Therefore, I am going to give you some tips on what you can do, so that you can be prepared for that day.


  1. Keep a journal – Start this the day you find out you are pregnant and record everything! From what happened at your doctor appointments to how many Charlie horses you got in a night. Write daily, weekly, monthly, it’s really up to you.  This will amaze your child one day when you let them read it.  They will appreciate that you actually kept a record of what was occurring in your life while they were with you inside your belly. Don’t just stop at pregnancy, keep it going. If you really enjoy this, record all special events in your child’s life and how they have changed throughout the years. What could be better than this?
  2. Keep a video journal – Okay this might be better than number 1.  The same as number 1 except you just record a video of yourself.  Your child will be able to see you in the moment as you express how you are feeling, what your concerns may be during pregnancy or as a new mom.  This will be something both of you can enjoy.  You can relive those memories again as you watch.
  3. Write in a baby book – This is a quick reference guide compared to a journal.  You can purchase a baby book at basically any major retailer.  It has pre-filled sections, such as when did your child’s first tooth come in or who attended their first birthday party.  All you have to do is fill in the information that is missing.  They also have spots for you to place various photos and usually a page for your child’s hand and footprints.
  4. Take pictures – Lots and lots of them! Take pictures during your pregnancy of your growing belly.  Then when your child arrives take pictures of them doing everything.  They will want to see the time they put a whole bowl of spaghetti in their hair.  You can tell them, but it’s much better when you have proof.
  5. Record video – The more you record, the better chance you have of capturing milestones, such as their first steps or their first time using a spoon.  These are times that you don’t want to forget and your child will for sure want to see. Also, make sure you keep a backup of this and any pictures you may take and keep it in a secure place.
  6. Keep something physical – Examples of what I am talking about are: a lock of your child’s hair, a piece of clothing, blanket, favorite stuffed animal or if you are weird like me keep the umbilical cord stump.  Yes, I have one for each of my kids sealed in a ziplock bag.  With these things, your child will find it fascinating that you kept something of theirs from so long ago. teddy-889814_1280

Bottom line: Record, write and keep as much as you can.  Your child will love you for it.