What The Heck is STEM? And Why Should I Care About It?

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There I am strolling through the aisles of Toys R’Us trying to find the perfect gift for my son. As I pick up a few items I notice the word STEM on them. I think to myself, “What the heck is STEM and why is it on all of these toys?!” Now I am guessing that most of you who do not work in a school, have children or school-aged children, also do not know what stem is. Well, I am here to tell you that STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

I decided to do some research to find out more about STEM. I learned that the purpose of STEM is for these subjects to be learned together. In learning these subjects together, it helps students develop the skills to be able to decipher complex information, apply critical thinking and be innovative. A STEM curriculum allows students to use these skills and be hands-on in their learning in order to solve tough real life problems. [Tweet “The skills that a STEM curriculum aim to teach are skills that I want my children to have.”] Heck, I need to develop these skills more. Therefore, once I learned this I decided that I want my children to play with some toys that were made specifically with STEM in mind.

There are so many statistics and so much information available about STEM that my head started to spin while researching. However, from most of the information that I read, I learned that a STEM education is a good thing. As a child in school, I did not care for science, math I liked to an extent and engineering I never even thought about. Technology is the only subject in STEM that as a child I had a true interest in. I would love for my children to be excited about ALL of these subjects. Even if they decide that they do not like them and do not want careers in them, the skills and knowledge from learning these subjects so early can be used throughout their lives. Therefore, I plan to make an effort outside of school to teach my children these subjects. Through play, reading, using the computer and other various activities, I believe that it will make learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, (which are hard to learn for some)…FUN. They will be learning these subjects and developing these skills through play and not even realize it.

If you wish to learn more about STEM, here are a few articles that I found helpful:

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Is your child learning a STEM curriculum? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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8 thoughts on “What The Heck is STEM? And Why Should I Care About It?

  1. I read something about STEM last week and made a note to look it up but just didn’t get around to it so this has reminded me that I want to do more research into it, thankyou for a really easy to understand post #abitofeverything

  2. Oh, I didn’t know about this too. Heading over to have a looksie but it does look very interesting! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  3. I want my kids to be interested in STEM too. Thanks for explaining it… it definitely sounds like toys and books that encourage these skills are worthwhile! Thanks for sharing this at the Manic Mondays blog hop!

  4. My Adaptaboard 3in1 maths product is on show in the STEM Centre at York University in the UK. It supports the New UK maths curriculum and is for children from 3-9 years. Check out Adaptaboard Review online.

    1. That is wonderful, Jo! I had a chance to review the Adaptaboard online and it looks amazing. I can see how it would be helpful in teaching math. Thanks for sharing!

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